I'm Not A Terrorist


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Beware the people in uniform. They are the terrorists, and they blame you--their victim. That's how terrorism works. Until government is gone, we will continue to have terrorists.


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would be about 10-12 years ago that i decided to take a walk oceanside, was around 3am, the cops appeared and asked me what i was doing, "walking" i replied, "why" they asked, "because i can" i said, "isn't a little late to be taking a walk" they said "i never realised i had a limit" was my reply, they looked at me oddly and drove away, what was i in their eyes but a possible potential danger to something, well i wasn't but their work doesn't allowfor anything but foe, shame, but that was of local consiquence, and in a pretty peaceable area at that, it was irritating being seen as a danger, much as is handing over a passport and being frisked, but even more so when your just being used as an excuse for land grabbing /mineral theft/crusade.

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being stopped by cops for taking a walk at 3am and being questioned as to why your doing it, well there's no friend just foe just as is so being frisked/scanned at an airport and that get's a little bigger, but being accused of being a terrorist is massive, but so is land grabbing and the mineral right's crusade, that'll stop at nothing.

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anyone with a defective electrical signal can crap on their neighbour for the cause when there's a war of land grabbing and mineral rights on the move