Food Stamps for Fat People


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Whether people are fat or not is a moot point. The entire food stamp program is an unconstitutional, communist FRAUD that should be entirely eliminated.

The same applies to 'public' education, 'public' housing, health care, welfare, foreign aid, abusive safety and environmental regulations, drug, gambling, and 'porn' prohibitions, useless 'wars' in Korea, Vietnam, and the middle east, anti-climate change 'treaties,' and other garbage.

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Cheer up! There is good reason to believe that the monkeys will soon begin eating themselves with their ridiculous "altruistic" schemes. The most valuable lesson or truism we can take from the pervasive entitlement mindset currently plaguing this land is that we must feed ourselves and provide for our own well being so that if we VOLUNTARILY want to help others we are able. There will NEVER be enough tax, laws or force for the monkeys to take what they want. Their systems will fail and we'll all, on average, get about 60-80 years of life if all goes well. Let's make sure it is a life lived well and that no matter what the monkeys take by force (explicit or implied) we voices of dissent refuse to participate in monkey schemes like voting and "social justice" by way of begging for a few scraps back from what was rightfully ours to begin with.