Now TSA Wants to Test Passengers’ Beverages at the Gate?


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    "...What could they possibly be expecting to find?..."

It's embarrassing to be reminded several times per day of a passage attributed to -- Thomas Pynchon:

    "If they can keep you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers."

When you think through basic realities, the correct question becomes so painfully evident. Here are a few realities:

1. Predators of government in the guise of TSA agents are at every US airport.
2. The vultures are clumsy and dumb and naive and almost every other insulting descriptor you can name, but they are there.
3. Los Zopilotes all.
4. These realities will not change as long as masses of sheep go to airports to fly.

So now that we can categorize and examine some realities, it is now time to ask the right question:

    Why are you still flying?

Now. That wasn't so hard, was it? In fact, using the same logical reality search would indeed put an end to predatory state altogether if all sheep would revert back to human beings and Abstain From Beans.

"Yes, you can"