NYPD Officer's Chokehold Led to Staten Island Man's Death, Medical Examiner Says


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Well, I think you are using the word "we" too freely.

As I said before, it's just you and the cop, out on that lonely highway. What you permit him to do to you, will be done. If you don't permit it, it won't be done. You do have that choice. It may be war as a result (on the personal level), but we aren't designed to live forever anyway. At least you will have stopped that cop murdering or abusing the next person down the line, and sent a message to other state thugs that there are limits.

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Good points, Paul.
"Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, the union that represents NYPD officers, said his organization "stands firmly in support of all police officers who are put in these difficult circumstances."
WTF? "Benevolent?" Or just plane violent? They caused the situation, so sue, sue, sue