Obama Administration Must Account to Congress for Targeted Assassinations


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Why? The government is doing anything they want to now and obviously has been for decades. What makes now any different than then? They are not going to do it, especially this administration. It is already known that they are murderes.

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Perhaps if we call what your rulers, and their agents, are doing by the right name, murdering, instead of killing, it would open a few more sleepy eyes.

Murder is always unlawful, according to natural law, but it is not always illegal, at least for those who have given themselves, and/or their agent(s), a "license to kill", according to human law, which is one reason why the creators of human law, and even some of their servants, refuse to recognize the existence of natural law.

"The natural law is, in essence, a profoundly “radical” ethic, for it holds the existing status quo, which might grossly violate natural law, up to the unsparing and unyielding light of reason. In the realm of politics or State action, the natural law presents man with a set of norms which may well be radically critical of existing positive law imposed by the State. At this point, we need only stress that the very existence of a natural law discoverable by reason is a potentially powerful threat to the status quo and a standing reproach to the reign of blindly traditional custom [common law/judicial decisions] or the arbitrary will of the State apparatus [statute law/positive law]." ~ Murray N. Rothbard