Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will Fire on U.S. Citizens


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America's domestic army of LEOs and feds has been firing on citizens for decades now. This blue costumed army killed 612 according to official figures (2010) so it's probably way more. Congratulations though. You're one of the few people that felt it when Obama turned the fire under us from simmer to hot.

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As for [o]bama replacing generals I am sure he can do that, but the problem will be down the chain of command. If any young troop were to turn his firearm on a citizen I believe the older soilders with valuse would turn their firearm on them. I have read there are currently 6 states crafting legislation to make any federal law baning semi auto firearms will be classed as a felony in the state and any federal agent attempting to follow through with those instructions will be arrested, charged, jailed and stand trial. I just don't believe this kind of stuff is going to fly.

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Several years ago Dr. Kevin Barrett wrote a piece, "Twilight of the Psychopaths" in which he showed that not only military and "law enforcement", but the entire "leadership" of what we think of as civilization is made up of psychopaths. His observation was that most of the non-psychopathic masses will stand back in awe and never challenge those who "rise to the top".

They (the rulers) have the capacity to look large audiences in the eyes and lie with impunity. The greater the lie, the more persuasive. And they have no compunction at murdering (or sending their warriors to execute) large numbers of people -- women and children -- to further any political agenda.

A month or so ago we had a discussion as to just how many ordinary "draftees" (well, I guess nowadays it's "volunteers") coming back from foreign wars would indeed blindly follow orders and fire upon protestors -- ordinary folks on the street. I would think considerably less than half.