Obama Lists His Five Criteria For Death By Drone


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Obama is going after "folks who are out to kill Americans" -- as he, himself, kills Americans.

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I haven't read the list, the headline was enogh. No singular man has the divine right to isolate individuals to murder. Herein the biblical text of the ten commandments was screwed by someone when they placed in it "Thou shalt not kill" Wrong! The oldest, original man scribed text says "Thou shalt not murder" there is a clear and significant difference between murder and kill. I ask someone to chat with me about this if you disagree. I would love to hear your perspective.

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No disagreement here, Glock27; you are exactly right on both points, IMWSO. ;^)

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P.S. Rita, I would extract the term kill and replace itwith murder. In my opinion murder is the more descriptive verb here.