Obama Pledges $500 Million For Syrian Rebels...Meanwhile In Detroit...


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"Obama Pledges $500 Million For Syrian Rebels...Meanwhile In Detroit..."

I don't think it is a good idea to make such connections (similar to "millions for prisons, meanwhile our schools go begging"). Tax money for Syrian rebels is bad, period. City governments are bad, period. And the notion that access to water is a right? That's why I think "rights" are no longer a useful concept.

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Yes, yes, of course, it's just common sense; the concept of a "just claim[1]" to a thing is just so old fashioned. Have you missed me, Paul? ;-) Hope all is well with you.
[1] RIGHT, noun
5. Just claim...
6. Just claim...
7. Just claim...
8. That which justly belongs to one.
9. Property; interest.
10. Just claim...
(Source: Webster's 1828 Dictionary)

Right. ...In a narrower signification JUST and legal CLAIM to hold hold, use, or enjoy [an object of property] (Source: Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1324) [Emphasis added]