Outlawing Latinos’ Heritage


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The article states "for any course in the public schools". By "public schools" they mean government-run schools. If you do not want to be bound by this law do not send your children to government-run schools. They will get a better education if you don't send them there anyway.

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Let's face a reality of life, shall we. Government school is a permanent structure in society and for the vast majority, the only chance at an "education". While I know I will get the usual rhetoric of "indoctrination" and "obedience training", the fact is, the foundation for most of society is built within these walls.

The weak attempt to hide bigotry, fear and xenophobia behind national solidarity is laughable if it wasn't happening. People aren't scared of skin tone, they are scared at what it represents... a different culture with a different language. These people are cowardly humans. I would even go so far as to say flat stupid.

If you scared to teach history to anyone, it is because you have something to lose.