Pa. Judge Guilty of Racketeering in Kickback Case


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"4,000 juvenile convictions issued by [Mark] Ciavarella [61]"


"racketeering for taking a $1 million kickback from the builder of the for-profit lockups"

Shocking! Let's file this story under "Public-Private Partnerships" and add a cross-reference in the file, "Moral Hazards". Now, why does the story seem so similar to the recent story about the U.S. Army posting a notice at for rapid-fire rubber bullets, (13--40mm, Non-Lethal: Blunt Trauma, Linked, XM1044)?

See .

That one was pretty easy to figure out. Some crony capitalists want taxpayers to finance R&D and other overhead costs. Later, the XM1044s can be sold to tyrants and goon squads elsewhere in the world at a lower price while keeping the business profitable for the crony capitalists, who are probably flagwavers, no?

So what public-private partnership will be next to betray a few more of its secrets? How about TASER International, Inc.? A clue:

TASER Conference and Master Instructor School begins on May 16, 2011 at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel & Spa, Glendale, Arizona.

"The TASER Conference on Monday, May 16, will be a day of presentations from leading medical researchers, use of force experts, law enforcement professionals, and keynote address with NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT from TASER International founders, Rick and Tom Smith. The conference is open to all law enforcement, military and professional security personnel."

Use "TASTASA" when making your reservation with Marriott International, Inc.