Pastor Encourages Christians to Fight Same-Sex Marriage Ruling With Guns


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"However, Feuerstein does not mention that Sweet Cakes owners Aaron and Melissa Klein did more than simply refuse service to the couple. They posted a copy of the couple’s legal complaint on the Sweet Cakes Facebook page with their home address visible, which led to a wave of harassment for the couple, which included hateful comments and threats on social media and news websites."

Let's not gloss over who aggressed first. And the Kleins did nothing that was illegal or even wrong. The complaint was a public record, available to anyone. Would the author prefer the alternative, that accusations come from anonymous sources, as for example in the Spanish Inquisition?

As to threats, for one thing, threats are a dime a dozen. Who cares about a threat? And, they were not made by the Kleins anyway, so are irrelevant.

Conservatives are worked up about these cases, and they (and we all) should be - even if their statist preferences about gay marriage are wrong.