The Pathology of U.S. Democracy


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In Gregory's comment about there being no difference and inability to tell how either will react to future events tells me he either missed the facts regarding both or choose to ignore them seems bothersome. If one looks at [o]bamas background and Romney's I believe it is clear as to how each will react to future events. A persons background, history, associations, ideological perspectives and etc., do play a part in how one will react to future events. Each and every person on this site, unique unto himself or herself will react differently to events. That is evidenced by the reactions posted here daily.

[o]bama is definitely not a man I would trust and he has demonstrated his untrustworthiness. Romney would not be my perfered but clearly a choice over [o]bama. Regardless of how you feel, I have to believe no one here wants to see our economy collapse and become another Greece, or to be usurped into a totaliarian rule.

I will vote. It may be worth nothing, be a waste of time and effort. I guess I would rather have the status quo for the moment until this Nation evolves into something better. I may respect and appreciate Natural Law and Natural Rights, but for the moment no legislator gives a good crap about it and it is worthless under this present system of guiding principles. Why would they want to change it? They loose everything that has evolved over the past 200 plus years, while the people have everything to gain. Why is it that Anthony Gregory cannot see that there is a difference and a uniqueness exceptionalism to each person. I contend that you can see a clear difference between [o]bama and Romney just as you can see the difference between right and wrong.

If my thoughts are misguided about this then someone here should take the responsibility to assist me in seeing the error of my fault. I am right until I recognize that I am wrong. PM me with respect.

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"...all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves..." ~ Thomas Jefferson

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But you guys gotta agree on one thing: "democracy" was a stroke of genius for those originating vultures who had organized themselves into states or nations or countries to subjugate the productive and peaceful inhabitants therein. What was plain to them took centuries for their intellectual sycophants to label "Stockholm Syndrome"

They could see, for instance, that ordinary, decent, stoic individuals could be led easily to cheer for and participate in bread and circus events called "elections". And that each individual who participates in an election and votes will lend legitimacy to the pathology outlined by Mr. Gregory.

Abstain From Beans, lads. That will be one of your few chances to truly make a difference. Sam