Philly Police: We Promise To Continue To Violate Your Rights


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I have a couple of comments about this. First, since Philly (but not the rest of PA) requires a license for open carry, the city denies the right to carry and replaces it with a paid-for privilege. That's the first problem, and is bad enough as it is. But to make matters even worse, Fiorino was actually abiding by Philly's unconstitutional law when the official thug approached him from behind and pointed a loaded gun at him. That is not OK. Nobody seems to be talking about that, but the cardinal rule of gun safety states that you NEVER point a gun at anything or person you are not ready and willing to kill. The chance of doing so accidentally is just too great. That is why it is a FELONY to point a gun at anyone who is not threatening your life, or that of an innocent person.
This cop should go to prison. He threatened the life of a law-abiding citizen who was not only exercising a Constitutionally-protected right, but who had paid an illegally-required fee to do so. But instead, the DA is attempting to convict the citizen of a felony, where none exists.
I have a few friends from the Philly area, and a few more who still live there. I had considered visiting the city. I have changed my mind. I have marked Philadelphia off my list of places to visit.