Police Ignore Porcupines


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To the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy: QUILLY WILLY FREE-QUILL by Richard Onley

Quilly Willy rode the flag
On field of black and yellow.
It's time the snake vacated for
A more congenial fellow.

Quilly Willy, shed the tread!
Quilly Willy free-quill,
Stick up for the points you make--
All porcs debated e-quill.

Quilly Willy stands upon
The "DON'T TREAD ON ME" slogan.
Pay attention, or you'll get
His needles through your brogan

Quilly Willy rides the flag's
Ebon and amaryllis
No room to put his motto
From the Latin: Cave quill-us.

Quilly Willy went to Gun Church
Riding on a scooter
Guess it should be no surprise
That he's a real sharp-shooter

Quilly Willy went to Grafton
Riding on a walrus
Hoping to swim out to meet
The Peaceful Plesiosaurus

Quilly Willy, shed the tread!
Quilly Willy free-quill
If Porc weight doesn't sink the raft
The 'pine-spine-punctured leak-will

Quilly Willy hied Southwest
To meet up with a cactus
Both agreed upon the point:
To get sharp--better practice!

Quilly Willy hates the State,
And blushes when admitting
That if New Hampshire's President
Was Franklin Pierce, that's fitting.

He liked the name, but not the fact
Pierce was a politician
"I'd much prefer that Hawkeye guy--
An honest, brave physician."

Quilly Willy told the cops,
"Stop pushing and stop shoving.
Porcs know that in this sad world, we
All needle-little loving."

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Great job ! Good poem.

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Great job ! Good poem.