Police Operations in Urban America Are Evolving into “Blackhawk Down” Repeats


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The black ghettos in urban North America are now in open warfare* against the state. Led by their lumpen prole "criminal element" to be sure, but armed struggle is armed struggle, whoever engages or leads it, eh?  The An Caps, libertarians, LPers, FSPers, & etc. walk around openly armed (to assert their right to) and then, when confronted by gov police, back down, submit to being disarmed and/or arrested. How I see it Mr. Sam.
* "If you're being shot at, then it's WAR, whatever the official press may call it." (Anonymous soldier when asked about whether the 1950-53 Korean Conflict was a "police action" or an actual "war".)

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No disagreement here, Ken. It's patently stupid at best (suicidal on down the line) to shoot when you know at the outset that you're outgunned. Agree with the man with the loaded sidearm. You can bitch and whine later if that's your bent -- once you're in friendly company.

Don't know what those ignoramuses parading around flaunting weapons at the fuz claim to be professing ("libertarian", et al.). Sayin' you's one and bein' one is two different things. For my money they're dumb-asses.

If you have a need to carry, carry.