Private Military Contractors Belie The Official Boston Marathon Story


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The Boston Marathon bombing was only a few days ago and already the wacko birds are flitting about cawing and shrieking their assorted paranoid conspiracy theories to anyone that will pay attention to them. 

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It's probably appropriate, Ken, to trot out the always third person epithets like "...wacko birds...flitting about...cawing and shrieking...", because that is natural and normal any more (cawing and shrieking "conspiracy!!!" that is). I do not doubt that it's a part of the design of the divide-and-conquer tactic used to buttress the mass-mentality that demands total and ongoing human rulership.

My observation is the reason for the wacko birds and the flitting about and the cawing and the shrieking is because "government" IS conspiracy. From stem to stern, that's what that coercively financed abstraction staffed and adored by narcissists and psychopaths amounts to.

But an increasing number of us nerds are coming out from under. I think I'm in my 35th or 36th year sans television. Ever now and again I have to use a "day cab" (tractor or truck with no sleeper -- I'm a trucker), so I stay in motels. The TV, for the most part, stays off (as do the radios in the trucks I drive). Media have become insults to my intelligence -- what little I have left.

I have no idea whether the Boston episode was totally or in part "false flag". Would psychopaths who form "government" purposely carry out such butchery? Yes indeed, if it could serve any kind of political purpose. Did they? I have no way of knowing.

History books are filled with state bloodshed. All bloodshed is the result of conspiracy of one type or another. It's the insanity of state.


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Isn't that what they live for? Or could it even be possible they have some form of involvement?

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I find that most conspiracy theories are good demonstrations of logical fallacies.  I've seen the pictures of the supposed PMC staff around the marathon.  Even if these people are in fact security contractors, which I haven't seen anyone actually prove, their presence at the event would not prove anything at all.  Governments at all level use their monopoly on security as justification for their existance.  It is completely reasonable that any number of security contractors and LEOs were working a high profile event like the Boston marathon.  Nor does dressing like an operator prove anything.  The security guards at my local mall wear similar faux-swat uniforms. 

I mean no disrespect ot Bradley, I think it is worthwhile to share noteworthy libertarian sites.  I don't think the guys at libertarian news are committed to quality "journalism". 

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Eric--You struck upon a very significant point "committed to quality "Journalism". In most cases it is to serve their purposes rather than the public. 'The Public Has a Right to Know" is about as authentic as "To Serve and too Protect" found on LEO autos. I believe Journalism falls within the parameters of "Twilight of Psychopaths". In about 1860, probably sooner, journalistic endeavors began to favor one side or the other. If they could simply be objective and unemotional and committed to simply the facts mam, we could be a lot better off.
The only thing crediable in journalism today is probably the weather, and what's playing at the theater.