Propellant to Be Removed from Nerve-agent Rockets at Army Depot in Madison County


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I believe that sensitive military materiel is often shipped on the public highways and across ordinary train routes in unmarked semi-trailers and cars, indistinguishable from more innocuous traffic. Sometimes it goes direct via military cargo plane, but those movements are more easily traced.

The original production runs of these weapons are decaying, as the chemicals used in them break down eventually. They become dangerous to keep, just like old dynamite that has begun to sweat the nitroglycerin out of the binders. Since the required skilled labor and capital is expensive, processing the old rockets happens at only one place. I don't believe for a moment that this location was selected because it was the only place such weapons can be found.

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As a former OTR truck driver, I can vouch that trucks carry things like that. Personally, I have not ever hauled radioactive cargo, but I have hauled general loads for the military and hazardous loads for regular companies. Such loads get placed into a semi trailer, secured appropriately if needed, and gets the correct placards on all four sides of it.