The Recent Recrudescence of Racism

Column by Paul Bonneau.

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In the current run-up to Revolution (or Secession, or Rebellion, or whatever it is we seem to be running into shortly), I have noticed on blogs a significant increase in the expression of racism. This is usually combined with assertion that the thing we will be facing soon is a race war.

I believe this take on things is a mistake on several levels; but first, some definitions to ensure we are on the same page.

Racism is defined as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” Naturally, if you think race is so important, you spend a lot of time obsessed with it.

In my previous article, I made a distinction between kinds of racists, that I will continue here. The first kind is the “white man’s burden” racist. This type believes his race is superior, and is motivated to “help” the other race that he finds inferior. This is the kind of person for whom the statement “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” was created. He thinks good intentions trump disastrous results.

The next type, that I mentioned but left unnamed in that article, I will call the “reactionary racist.” He sees the evil, but instead of perceiving the correct cause, leading to the correct solution, he gets sidetracked into warning about (and even shading into wishing for) a race war to fix the evil. The upshot of this is that he necessarily indulges in demonization of that other race, to get the warriors ready for the war. If we didn’t have a society going down the toilet, he would probably be perfectly decent and reasonable. That is, not racist.

The last is what I will call the “projection racist.” For whatever reasons, either due to poor personal choices or to institutional barriers, he finds himself in the dregs of society with no prospects, other than crime. Unwilling to face up to his complicity, he projects it all on other people of a different race. He just needs someone else to hate, so as not to have to hate himself. For a long time this behavior--at least that among dark brown people--was excused by the “white man’s burden” racists who are dominant in the traditional media AKA the “Ministry of Propaganda”; and conveniently enough, the projection racist, who would reasonably hate the white man’s burden racist for the latter’s complicity in his condition, typically refrains since that act would put into question his acceptance of welfare. It’s a psychological defense, I believe, for him to transfer the blame elsewhere.

The recrudescence I am talking about is primarily among the reactionary racists. For a long time it has been socially unacceptable to speak in racist terms, but these folks have become emboldened by the looming crisis. The social pressure against it was previously, largely supplied by the propagandists among the white man’s burden racists, but now that the latter are losing influence due to the Internet, and due to the poor results of their political nostrums, the pressure against racist talk has been relieved.

The coming crunch is going to be an economic and political one. There is no benefit to anyone--outside the ruling class--to turn it into a race war. We are much better off if we keep focused on who is the cause of all this strife: the thieving, thuggish ruling class.

White man’s burden racists need to study the effects of their policies, and not to excuse their behavior just because they meant well. They also need to stop dragooning unwilling others into these welfare schemes.

Reactionary racists need to get to the root of the problem--if crime is that much more pronounced among the dark brown, how did it get that way? Might government policies like welfare and the war on some drugs and government schooling be the real cause? Who imposed those policies? Who benefits from racial strife?

Oh, and if crime really is a problem (despite its long-term decline), then the solution is an individual one: to carry a gun so you can thwart the actual crime--not to demonize some group of people whose only connection to the crime is to look dark. Victims of crime, to the extent they know it exists and yet do nothing to defend themselves, are complicit in their own victimization. There are two people most deserving of blame: the actual criminal who did the crime, and the victim too lazy or stupid to defend himself.

Finally, projection racists need to learn some self-respect. This is done by rejecting government “help.” Probably most won’t do so because of the human tendency to take the easy path; we will have to wait until welfare is destroyed as a result of the crunch, for a majority of them to straighten out.

The thing I worry most about is seeing this racism destroying the Rebellion by fouling it with evil and thus making it illegitimate in the eyes of most people. I have no doubt that racism will always exist as it is just too useful a crutch for people, but we should do everything we can to minimize it - if nothing else, because the ruling class uses it to crush our unity.

We don’t really need to war at all. We can avoid the bloodshed by learning to disobey or ignore the rulers. The worst thing we can do is fall into fighting among ourselves. That will ensure the ruling class stays on top. Even if we can’t avoid war, let’s ensure it is about something important, such as our liberty--not mindless, collectivist racism.

Fortunately, race is slowly going away anyway through intermarriage. In a hundred years, people will wonder how we could work ourselves into such a frenzy over nothing. Race is about to become as bogus a concept as is phrenology, despite the efforts of racists to keep it at the forefront of everything.

As I mentioned in response to one of those articles, racism is for collectivists, government provocateurs, and fools. Take a higher path; protect the Revolution.

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