Repeal the Second Amendment?


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Deffinitely an... interresting perspective on the matter, and one I wouldn't have thought of myself. On one hand, I see his point in ripping off all of the masks and veils and revealing the whole thing for what it really is, thereby forcing a complete polarization of those for and those 'agin'. On the other hand, it strikes me as a wildly dangerous proposition, basically high-stakes Russian roulette. I get it from the Anarchist POV; the ultimate end-goal is the disolution of all coercive 'laws' and the entire apparatus behind them, but that's a long-term goal and doesn't reflect the world as it is right now. Maybe I'm being myopic about this, but the only two outcomes, besides it miring down and the current status quo being maintained, are revolution or capitulation if such a proposition actually went anywhere. In the case of revolution, not nearly enough folks out there understand or agree with the idea of a stateless society for anything but a brand new carbon copy of of something like 1789 America to follow, starting the whole vicious cycle all over again. And if the majority of folks just 'roll over and take it', we're knocked at least two or three steps back, making the fight for liberty even harder. I get that firearms would then fall into the same niche that alcohol used to fill and pot occupies today; there's no stopping folks from getting commodities that they want, no matter how draconian the efforts are. But I can't see a thing like that making our goals any easierto obtain. IMHO, until the stateless society is the prevailing meme, I don't think there's much choice other than to work from within the system, using any 'protections' or 'priveleges' that it offers against it. I may simply be a cowardly little bitch on this subject, but it strikes me that this proposition is probably a dangerous gamble at best, and a disaster waiting to happen at the worst.

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Interesting--yes! Intelligent--questionable. The second amendment was not placed in the constitution to protect the farmers right to hunt game, shoot whiskey bottles off of stumps and etc. That part is implicity indicating keeping a government from becoming a tyranny (Ha!).Well. The bozos have gone over, under around and through the Constitution making things up as they go. Is the Constitution Legitimate. I don't know but for now I hope so or I believe we would really be up the creek. The Second Amendment is the cornerstone of the whole Constitution and they knew that when it was placed in there, and the bozo legislatures although stupid are not ignorant.