Report: More Crossers are Being Deported


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The number of illegal immigrants in Arizona's prisons, like the disproportionate number of minorities in prisons everywhere, is the result of racist laws and racist policies. In no way does it justify locking them up in the first place; only a politician would be arrogant enough to pretend it does.

It's a well-documented fact that dark-skinned people in the US are more likely than whites to be arrested, and having been arrested, more likely to receive a longer prison sentence. Poverty is also a factor -- people who can't bond out are forced to appear in court in jail uniforms and shackles, which prejudices judges, and to rely on court-appointed defense attorneys whose only interest is getting you to sign a plea. Factor in the language barrier, and it seems to me that the number of illegals in prison more likely proves that most of them, besides the initial crime of being here, are peaceful and law-abiding.