The Right To Be a Jerk


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Quick, anyone, without looking it up, what's the word "orthogonal" mean?

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At right angles to? Or something like that?

In terms of concepts, it means irrelevant or beside the point.

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G'day Evan,

If you truly did that without looking it up, go to the head of the class. Two out of four, is certainly better than I did, which was none out of four; I had to look it up.

Quick definitions from WordNet (orthogonal)

▸ adjective: [1]having a set of mutually perpendicular axes; [2] meeting at right angles ("Wind and sea may displace the ship's center of gravity along three orthogonal axes")
▸ adjective: [3]statistically unrelated
▸ adjective: [4] not pertinent to the matter under consideration

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A friend of mine recently introduced me to the concept, and so naturally I see the word everywhere now. Strange how that happens... you can go years without ever seeing a word, (or if you do your brain just conveniently forgets it,) and then when you learn it you notice it all over the place.