San Francisco And Oakland Crowds Hand Over Guns in Buyback


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I predict that the lines will be much shorter, during the coming food shortage, when those who populate the upper echelon of the abstract know as "government", offer their genetically modified organisms, (euphemistically called "food", of course), for any gold or silver individuals may have "hoarded" during more prosperous times.

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Greetings Suverans2

It sounds like something the gov would do. I believe you mentioned it first regarding the confiscation of gold, making it illegal to own. I decided to go back to the squirrel thing now as a preperation. Meat is espensive this way it's a lot less. Cook it down then dehydrate it and or can it. Nobody here of course here are prepared to eat squirrel. Have two fresh ones ready to work on tomorrow. Hope they get a good nights sleep.

Stay Safe, stayh well, and watch your six.

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"Nobody here of course here are prepared to eat squirrel."


The question is who will also eat raccoon, muskrat, and opossum. Of the three, I prefer marsh rabbit slow cooked in cattail roots with some garlic if I can find it-very clean tasting meat.

While turtle is good, I hope I never need to eat snakes or lizards again-the texture is odd...though booze helps.

I can eat just about anything that breathes and much of what grows, though. What I cannot eat is gold or silver...though I suspect the linen in FRN's might add some starch to a stew if the ink is not poison...