Scam Complete: the US Government Takes a Page from Diocletian’s Book…


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I'm puzzled at how Simon Black (writer of "Sovereign Man") sees himself as different from the top puppies over at Egan-Jones, the "rating agency" he's writing about. Here's Simon:

    "I believe that in order to achieve true freedom, you have to be able to make money, control your time, and eliminate the mindset that you are subject to a corrupt government that is bent on degrading your personal liberty."

The above is from the about link of his web page. And I totally agree with his attitude.

So what separates Simon Black (not his real name) from the chief pin-setters at Egan-Jones? Is it that those individuals at Jones have smaller cojones ('scuse the sexism, ladies) than Black? Why do they cow-tow to the sociopaths at what is called the U.S. "SEC"? Why don't they publish tomorrow morning exactly what they've ascertained the U.S. credit rating should be -- despite SEC administrative action? Is it because "Black" is a "permanent traveler", has no "home", and publishes his stuff on the interwebs where, at least up until now, no scavengers have been able to assume the power to grant or forbid license to him?

I think the real answer is in one single word of his quoted text above: "mindset". It would be helpful if I had the resource to travel permanently, live in plush hotels and dine in nice restaurants 24/7/365. But I don't.

If I want to be free, it's up to me (thanks, Mark). There won't be time to whine and wring my hands and gnash my teeth over the increasing egregiousness of those parasites and predators grouped into what most people like to refer to as "The-State".

I'm old. Time's a-wastin'. I've developed the mindset and lifestyle to be free right here, right now -- in spite of naysayers (governmentalist as well as "libertarian").

I am a sovereign state.