School Is Jail


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Brilliant, well-written, and true. I would have given anything to avoid the twelve year sentence. The first lesson taught is that you are owned by the government. Glenn

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"There is no end to the reform. But no one talks about abolition."

For very good reason - abolition won't work. Good luck prying the edu-establishment from control of the legislature. Fortunately something does work - individual action: removing your own kids from school. Eventually enough individuals will do it that they will simply close the school doors in time. No political action is needed.

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This will seem off-topic, but yesterday I was reading Jeffery's essay (thanks, Anthony) and decided to forward it to my three homeschooling daughters-in-law. I had to leave and was in a rush to get the emails addressed and sent.

Carelessly I ended up omitting one of the girls (mother of a granddaughter and 4 grandsons) and clicking the wrong daughter-in-law, Dawn (also mother of 4 of my little grandsons). She is a government ("public" ha ha) school teacher, as is her mom. Needless to say they are avid statists and state school enthusiasts.

So this morning after an all-night truck run I opened my inbox and Dawn had responded, tersely but in good humor (knowing I sent the essay to her in my senility, I suppose), that Jeffrey Tucker is all wet and does not know what he's talking about. She sharply defended state operated schools and argued that she, my sons and many others in our family came out of state schools unscathed and proceeded to become college educated and successful.

To repeat something I said recently, I'm glad I became a libertarian when it finally happened, not before. I was not born with an anarchist/libertarian silver spoon in my mouth. It's good that I wasn't. I can see that it took what it took to get me where I am today. It's gonna take what it takes to catapult me into the influencing roll to eventually lead Dawn, her husband (my son) Dan, and the boys to "liberty" (as I see liberty).

That's why I so strongly supported Paul's recent essay (Dehumanizing People is Fun) and have taken certain exception to another STR poster I highly respect, Jim Davies (The God Question), in the "ridicule" of those not fully in tune with "our way of thinking" (Vis-à-vis the G-d issue).

Although I can't fully gainsay Mr. Davies' statement, "...we have the task of changing our friend's mode of thought; to move him from faith to reason..." I can only influence with love and compassion. I can't change them. I can only change myself. That's why I'm here.

I know I'm pulling other threads over here, but I want Jeff Tucker to be proud: to use the mud analogy I've slung 7 against the wall and 3 have stuck (I had 7 children, 4 now over 50 -- their kids reared before homeschool was much of an option). Out of 24 grandkids, 14 are homeschooled.

You might say that's "luck-of-the-draw", and to a degree you would be right. My influence upon my children via my having been stimulated by many posters here on STR and other libertarian/anarchist sites should also be counted.

Go easy on religion bashing. Let liberty come naturally. Sam