Shocking Experiment Shows Talk is Cheap


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"These kinds of studies can help scientists figure out how the brain dictates moral behavior."

Wow. Prejudging the matter before the facts are in. Nice science. Or is the problem just an idiotic journalist, Laura Sanders, who slants her reporting to suit her own philosphical predilections or those of an editor or publisher?

Also, I have a few questions. Who are the test subjects? Are they a representative cross section of the populace? And what about prevailing cultural factors of the times? What exactly does the number "96 percent" tell us? My suspicion is that it doesn't tell us very much about human nature per se but rather about a culture that is not necessarily dominant and, of course, about the character flaws of particular test subjects.

And as for the test subjects, we're all familiar with the practice of experimenters using younglings, esp. those aged 18-30, whose participation is solicited through ads placed in the free, edgy newspaper that caters to the young, poor, and dumb. For example, in Chicago there is the Chicago Reader.

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