Small Businesses Cutting Jobs, Hours to Save Themselves From ObamaCare


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Well, that is their right. They cannot, as of yet, be forced to hire people full time. I'm glad that they are exercising their right to run their private businesses as they see fit. I read in passing the other day that workplace health insurance was a way that business owners got around the wage and price controls that FDR instituted during WW II. Wage controls didn't allow them to offer higher pay while competing for the best workers, but businesses could offer perks and benefits to make themselves more attractive to potential employees.

The agreement between an employer and an employee is a private one. The employee (or freelancer) trades his/her labor for an amount of money and/or assorted other goods, services, etc. that the employee and the employer agree upon. I'm not quite sure why exactly that it is that it has been decided that somehow the employer has some responsibility or obligation concerning the private matter of an employee's health. If a business chooses to make coverage available, fine. If not, that is fine, too, and not a matter for the government to decide. It is something the market can/will/should decide. If the business cannot get or keep the employees it wants because the businesses that offer health coverage are more desirable, it can make its cost-benefit analysis and choose its course of action. 

I cannot imagine how any common sense based assessment of what would happen after ObamaCare's small business mandate regarding full time employees would not expect those businesses to start hiring part-timers instead of full, and to cut hours on the full-timers they already have to avoid the mandate. As long as small business owners have a choice -- and, of course, they should have that choice -- many will choose that solution. So, since the left can't stand the fact that people can choose not to participate, expect some sort of legislation aimed at forcing small businesses to hire full time or penalizing employers for using part time labor when, judging by the number of part-timers they use, their businesses could 'support' a certain number of full-timers.


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I'm sure there will be some sort of legislative attempt to "fix" the part-time "loop-hole." That's probably why there has been so much in the news about it lately. Common sense based assessment? HA HA...Your brother  made a rather good point the other day, explaining that the term common sense is dated...since it really isn't common any more.

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Wow, how funny. My middle girl said that to me yesterday.