Some Thoughts and Reactions on the Aurora Massacre

Column by Scott Lazarowitz.

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Once again, the Aurora ordeal shows not only the insanity of gun control laws, it also shows that we can’t rely on government police to protect us from crazy mass murderers. Just like we can’t rely on a national government-monopolized military-security complex to protect us from foreign invaders.

I am having the same kinds of thoughts as I was having when I wrote a column I had on Strike The Root in April of 2011, Protecting Ourselves from the State.


In that earlier column, I referred to the sickeningly rampant occurrences of sexual assaults within the military, not just against female soldiers, which is bad enough, but male against male. I linked to this Newsweek article, which reported on this, on the tens of thousands of male sexual assault victims in the U.S. military who have made reports to superior officers. It is really sick how anyone could treat someone else that way, and the higher-ranking officers who blame the victims and protect the criminal assailants. In my article, I referred to those higher-ranking officers as “criminal coddlers,” because that is what they are.


My point was, how could we depend on these types of people who assault one another to protect us? What if the President declares some kind of martial law because of a false flag and/or economic collapse and civil unrest? We saw from Katrina in 2005 that local police and federal agents acted like criminals. Also in my column, I referred to how there was already precedence in the U.S. of a President treasonously turning the guns of the U.S. military against the people, and I pointed to an article by Jacob Hornberger as to why having a standing army was a bad idea in the first place. And I called on local police and U.S. military personnel alike to disobey any and all unlawful (and treasonous) orders by the President or any superior officer to deliberately violate any civilian’s God-given rights no matter what the circumstances.


But I don’t know if local police these days really understand what the rule of law really is, or what the rights of the individual are, and I am less hopeful that local police would come to the defense of the innocent civilian and instead would help an occupying U.S. military invade our cities and towns and act against our liberty and security.


Local police these days are out of control and many act like Neanderthals, Nazis and outright criminals. On the Cop Block website, George Sand writes of a teenager who was shot five times for drinking under age (even though he’s 19, for crying out loud!). Sand writes in detail of the young man’s ordeal, and how the local criminal cop assailants try to cover up their responsibility with lies.


Why are so many cops now so cowardly in their not being man enough to tell the truth about their wrongful deeds and take responsibility for it? In many cases now across America, there are a lot of cover-ups, lies and unlawful arrests and detainments of innocent civilians who speak up about what really happened during certain events and who take pictures or videos.


In many serious situations, the police set up perimeters around a crime scene while a crime is still in progress, but they don’t go in to stop the crime (like they used to do). Officer Safety is more important now than civilian safety, thanks to socialism and the deification of government and its agents. In Aurora, however, the cops claimed to be unable to go into the theater because of the gas that the shooter had sprayed. Cops with courage would have gone right in and attempted to apprehend the shooter.


And now, because of fascist gun control laws in various cities like Aurora, a theater full of unarmed, vulnerable civilians was attacked by a lone nut shooter. But on the news shows, thanks to government schooling, the first thing the statists think of is gun control. Very simple-minded now are Americans, as their sheepishness has been shaped by the 12-year State-worship indoctrination program.


We live in a truly sick, dysfunctional society now. Local, state and federal governments are legally disarming honest, law-abiding civilians, so that, even if another theater-goer wanted to shoot the Aurora shooter to save the remaining victims form being victims, they are not allowed to by law. That’s sick. If just one person there had been armed, he could have taken care of the situation toward the beginning and saved maybe ten more people from being killed and dozens from being wounded.


So what these “liberals” really want is this: a defenseless, totally vulnerable and dependent unarmed civilian population, and an armed government, military and police. In their little fantasy-worlds, they cannot see how very un-liberal that is. So, thanks to a hundred years of progressive rule over the U.S. and progressive government schooling, what we have is a totally vulnerable civilian population but a strong and armed government and police. These “liberals” do not understand that what they desire — and indeed what we now have — is a police state. And, as Infowars points out, the dangerous enmeshment between federal military and local police is increasing.


But the current two-tier system in America is this: Government people and civilians. I know, officially, local police are part of the “civilian” population, while military is the military. But really, it’s government vs. the civilians. Police are government. They are the local government-monopoly in community policing and security.


As we have seen now, this structure of government monopoly in community policing and security is counterproductive. The civilian population is made more vulnerable by having a government-monopolized police. That is because monopolists are not accountable. Especially when the monopoly is something the entire population is compelled by force to have to use for its “services,” and worse, compelled by law to have to obey.


Now, our society is a civilian population who must be obedient to local police, and soon the military if Obama treasonously unleashes them against us following economic collapse and civil unrest, etc. Some of the people on local police forces and in the military barely graduated high school and some have criminal records and are drug users and addicts. But they have legal authority over us! We must obey these people! That is what our society is now. (See this, this, this, this, this, and this.) Only in a sick, totalitarian, police state banana republic society would this be the case.


I also wanted to include my reaction to this post by Ed Bugos, who details his experiences with flying from Canada into the U.S. and with the Nazi-like TSA. The way that low-life degenerates are allowed to interrogate innocent civilians like they’re criminal suspects, asking very personal questions that are none of the interrogators’ g****** business, this really makes me want to toss my cookies.


Bugos tells of how this is the very kind of situation that his family fled from in Slovakia in 1968. And he then brings up Hans Hoppe and the Myth of National Defense! Hans-Hermann Hoppe! And Hoppe’s idea of a private law society! There really is a freedom and personal responsibility solution to the government-created mess we have now.


You see, when we have a system in which some people have legal authority and officialdom over others, when some people are allowed to be above the law and treat others like dirt and get away with beating them up or murdering them, we have a problem. No one should have any monopoly in any service or production of any good. And that includes “national security” and local policing.


No one should be above the law. When people are put into positions of government-monopolized enforcers of the law in which they are above the law, it criminalizes that “service.” Allowing anyone to have the power to grab someone else, handcuff someone else, aim a gun at someone and threaten him, but not allowing others to have that same power, inherently encourages criminality on the part of these government-monopolized “law-enforcers.” Now, the whole situation will be worse when Obama sics the military (some of whom are murderers of innocents overseas and many of whom have local criminal records) onto the rest of us.


For these reasons, the American Revolutionaries wrote the 2nd Amendment, to attempt to protect honest, decent people from the criminality of the agents of the State.


Radley Balko recently noted, once again, that the hysteria amongst the police nationwide over cops getting shot and the dangerousness of government-monopolized police is just hysteria. The incidents of cops getting shot on duty have decreased steadily, while the incidents of cops shooting and murdering civilians (particularly innocent civilians and not criminals) have increased in recent years. It is the police who are out of control. Local departments are not training their rookies efficiently enough (sometimes claiming “budget constraints,” although the local police sure are increasing their bureaucracies and the bureaucrats to fill those unnecessary local commissar posts, increasing their bloated tax-funded pensions, and spending a lot of tax dollars on high-powered, militarized equipment to prosecute a criminal-State-imposed drug war for no good reason). And local police departments hire those with lower IQs as well.


One state, Indiana, has made it legal for someone to protect oneself against police illegally breaking into one’s home and threatening one’s family. Balko noted the hysterics amongst the police crowd in reacting to the new law. “Legalizing cop shooters,” etc. No, legalizing self-defense, period.


This legislative act was in response to the state supreme court’s imbecilic ruling that you may not resist police unlawfully breaking into your home.


When cops act like criminals and threaten you in your own home, and you know that you have done nothing wrong and have harmed no one, then of course you have a God-given right to use whatever means necessary to protect yourself and your family (and your dogs). It doesn’t matter if they are cops or non-cops. Morally speaking, no one’s occupation should shield one from the rule of law, from responsibility for one’s own actions of criminal trespassing and criminally threatening the lives of innocents. In this case, when police have broken into your home, and you know there’s a good chance that they will kill you, then, what are you going to do, just let them kill you? (Progressives say “yes.”)


If the police arrest those who disobey local gun laws, who carry a gun with them anyway for their own protection, then such an innocent civilian should then have the arresting officer arrested and charged with endangerment. If he is just enforcing laws on the books, “just following orders,” that is no excuse. It is the same thing with the drug war. And perhaps criminal charges of endangerment should be pressed against the city councilors who voted for those dangerous disarmament laws and the same for the mayors who signed them into law.

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Paul's picture

This stuff only surprises if one assumes cops and military are supposed to protect us. If one assumes they never were for protection, and they are supposed to keep their boot on our necks because that is what the rulers want, then there is nothing to be surprised about. It's expected behavior. Of course then one is left with the question, why put up with some guy's boot on one's neck?

GeoffreyTransom's picture

Nice piece, but I don't have any "God-given" rights. I just have rights whether or not there is some genocidal jerkwad sitting in the sky, pining for foreskins and blood-sacrifice and burning offal.

Rights just are - they come from self-awareness (and in a broader sense, efficiency: it is trivial to show that in repeated games it is far more efficient to co-operate than to violate... in the same way that truth is 'right' because it's the only long-term strategy that can possibly work).

Anyone who wears an official insignia is an enemy of humanity and should be treated as such. Full stop, end of story. Badges, Stars, pips, stripes... all are indicators of the preparedness to impose the whims of political parasites.

Thoreau had it right in Civil Disobedience, Book 1 Chapter 5:

"The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt."