The Spinnerians

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Let’s imagine a group of high minded, socially conscious, wealthy individuals. They form a charitable social group called The Spinnerians.
The Spinnerians energetically do all manner of kind works. They diligently raise money for children’s hospitals. They help the elderly. The feed and house the homeless and get them mental health treatment and job training.
They gently raise their money through cash drives and humbly worded mail solicitations.
They are paragons of virtue in an increasingly dark, sad world filled with people mainly concerned with themselves and not their community.
There is one little thing, though . . . .
See, every month, roughly one to three percent of their members commit murder. They also have the occasional rape of a child or an adult thrown in there as well. Oh, and sometimes some of their members will commit armed robberies. They do other various and sundry heinous acts from time to time.
Ninety-seven percent of their members are great guys, they are very charitable, industrious, and morally solid, but that 3%, they do horrible things. Oddly, the 97% go out of their way to protect the 3% who commit great evil. They make sure that every possible protection is given to the evil in their midst, even if they have to commit further evils to cover it up. They go so far as to launch vile attacks on those who desire that those criminal Spinnerians be brought to justice like anyone else. The “good” ones do everything in their power to legally, and sometimes extralegally, attack the victims of these evil Spinnerians.
Would you want to be a Spinnerian?
If someone talked about the Spinnerians in a glowing manner, would you bring up the fact that even though they certainly have done a lot of good works, they have a percentage of their members who regularly commit atrocities?
How about if these Spinnerians, who have fabulous wealth and who are all tightly politically connected, were almost never brought to stand trial for their acts? What if, on the extraordinarily rare occasion when one was brought to trial, they almost never suffered any real consequences for it? How would you feel about the Spinnerians then? If someone spoke of them in good terms, would you point those facts out to them?
Let’s assume you meet someone who expresses their gushing admiration and respect for The Spinnerians and they express their desire to become one. Is this someone you would choose to associate with any further?
If you explained your very legitimate concerns with The Spinnerians to someone and he then rounded on you in a hostile manner calling you a “Spinnerian hater,” would you consider that person bizarre, illogical, and perhaps mentally unbalanced for worshipping a group that harbors and enthusiastically defends murderers, child rapists, etc?
I would.
The Spinnerians are of course a fiction. There is a group in the USA that tightly mirrors them though--the cops.
The State has, essentially, unlimited wealth. The State routinely uses this wealth, extorted from the productive class, to crush those whom the State has harmed through its emissaries, who are most often the police. The same State that loves to crow about using “its” largesse to help the needy will instantly turn on those its representatives have wronged, no matter how egregiously those representatives have behaved.
Law enforcement in this country has now pupated from being an apparatus of a burgeoning police state to a worm-like abusive state organ with its own agenda, separate from the courts and the halls of government. We truly now have a police state in the USA.
Cops in this country arrest whomever they wish, whenever they wish, and with pretexts ranging from flimsy to none, yet the courts do and say nothing. District Attorneys, when presented with blindingly obvious evidence of wrongdoing on the part of a cop will flat out ignore it and refuse to take charges. The “good cops” stand by and clap as this happens.
Judges do and say nothing for the most part. They do this out of a combination of fear and a desire to pretend that law enforcement officers are truthful.
Judges who acknowledge criminal cops undermine the court’s efficacy when they do so, so judicial self-protection keeps judges from eagerly pursuing badged criminals. In fact, judges have been known to actively hamper the prosecution of cops by hamstringing prosecutor’s efforts during trials, if the prosecutors don’t try hard enough to drop the ball.
The Judiciary is the last bastion of government in our country that garners any real respect from the people, yet even that is being destroyed by judge’s daily failures to speak and act when presented with criminals wearing badges and uniforms.
The time draws near. When the courts offer no justice to those wronged, when the police are the criminals, when prosecutors cheer them on, then the only redress of grievance comes from the barrel of a gun.
They better start fixing themselves, and in a hurry. We teeter on the edge of a stunning economic collapse. Civility will fail soon after. I know this, I have seen it firsthand on three continents. When the SHTF, the cops run, because they know the score.
Cops, end the childishness. Fix yourselves. Do it now. If we have to do it for you, you are going to wish we hadn’t.
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Leonidas your piece was great until this part: "Cops, end the childishness. Fix yourselves. Do it now. If we have to do it for you, you are going to wish we hadn’t."

Reformist claptrap. State employed security agents are gonna be goons. Period. That is just the nature of that kind of beast. That's reality.

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I know, but hope springs eternal. If they have any sense of self preservation, they will act to rein themselves in.

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I doubt bad cops (sorry for the redundancy) read this forum.