State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program Teaches Cops Bumper Stickers are Indicator of Terrorism


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Yes. I once sported bumper stickers, window stickers, stickers on the bed side pannel of my truck then one day I began removing them because they drew too much attention to me--not the kind of attention I was interested in.
The article I found to be somewhat denegrating to the intelligence of people. Are Americans really that stupid, are the cops really that dumb? Maybe yes, maybe no, but the article certainly was pointing in that direction. It reminds me of anti-gunners and anti-hunters, persistant in their obsessive-compulsive behaviors of trying to eliminate something that is not going to be eliminated. They are boxed in, caught in the box trap.
I do feel a certainty that some LEO's will look for the opportunity to take advantage of this. Already many American citizens have been detained under the "Patriot Act". Since that stupid bill was passed I am sure that more innocent Americans will be arrested under it because they tote a bumper sticker that says "Get out of the U.N.", or some other slogan that would give rise to "due cause".
How many here at STR are getting paranoid, waiting for the hob nailed, jackboots to come storming through their door because you are anti-U.S. Government. What could possibly define a terroist more than being a participating member of STR.
It is my understanding the [p]resident [o]bama is going to address the U.N. and denounce the first amendment, denounce the right of American citizens to say what they want, express how they feel.
My conclusion is the artical was intended to get people to hyperventilate, get overly excited and pass out. That's not to say it will not happen though!?

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"What could possibly define a terrorist more than being a participating member of STR?" ~ Glock27

Well, let us go back in time, Glock27, to see if we can define terrorist any better.

Ter'ror'ist, n. [F. terroriste.] One who governs by terrorism or intimidation... ~ Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (c.1913)

And, you are governed by what?