Student Exodus in Michigan School District Where Teachers Defended Child Molester


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Articles of this nature are sickening. Schools are already criminal empowerment centers wherein a fire arm can easily come into a school by a criminal or mad man and devastate the school. Now there are administrators supporting sexual predators along with teachers. Support of these kinds of individuals brings into question the mind set of those supporters. How many of them are potential child molesters themselves. From my perspective these teachers and school board member are co-conspirators in the act.

It seems, from news more and more teachers are pedophiles. A curiosity is "Where does the Michigan Education Association" (union) stand with this kind of conduct?

Conduct of this nature lends even greater support for home schooling, but how does that fair given the sickening economy. The ability for one family member to stay at home and teach their child is becoming more difficult than ever before.

I cannot get beyond being appalled at this conduct.

With all due respect?