Supreme Court Muzzles Free Speech in Canada, Rules Against Catholic Pro-family Activist


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I'll post here what I posted at another forum today:

    "...the Christian Church is going to be libel for speaking the truth..."


    This article was posted on today's STR. It points up something I've said for decades: Sex -- sexuality -- is (one of) the sacred cow(s) used by the beast (political authority) to heinously divide and conquer the unwashed masses. Religion (what any or all of us believe about life, existence, etc) comes in a close second -- or maybe first, who knows?

    And both throw lariats around professing libertarians and anarchists -- especially root-strikers. Because on the one hand "we" (I can't speak for anyone but me, I know) espouse the freedom of anyone and everyone to believe and speak their mind. On the other hand "we" feel duty-bound to gently proselytize "our" version(s) of liberty -- and they differ greatly. And since homosexuals (I refute the term "gay" -- I'm gay, but I ain't homosexual) are people too it's hard for a liberty believer to not give 'em space at the forum.

    By the same token I despise the attempt at intellectual blackmail: that I "should" consider homosexual behavior as "normal" (it ain't), and subject myself to "hate crime" indictment by the white man whenever I openly state my views.

    So you have "supreme" courts (wonder what a non-supreme court is like -- do they have benches one can "approach" with humble submission and timidity??? :-] ). And stiff fines for non-compliers, etc etc.

    The enormity of the truth is incredible.


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**What in the hell is going on? Are these human beings or some form of miscreant that has taken over the earths surface. This is all getting to be really science fiction stuff. Canada is turning into California, New York, New Jersey.
I cannot personally conceed to pornography due to the severe stimultive effect it has oon the sub-liminal cortex which then via synapsis contamminates other parts of the brain to induce conduct one may not honestly want to occur. A casual viewing if you wish may not be harmful, just don't let your wife catch you viewing it.
I will conceed here to Sam that sex is a sacarad cow and it is normal and it serves a purpose, but pornography serves no other purpose other than to garner your dollars. Certainly it has a economic effect, but when compared to the human devistation which it can and does create is enormous, maybe more so than what its value is as an economic enterprise.
What does pornography do to families when mom finds out dad is watching or the kids see dad watching the stuff. There are broader ramifications to pronography than liberty can see and I hope liberty is not blind like justice.
No one here likes government, but the honest fact is that we need some form to keep society from falling into negative anarchy.

Should chilren have the same liberty as adults? My point-of-view is no. Liberty is a gradual, earned right and not a blanket coverage of every human being has the right to lieberty.

Personally I find it intriguing that women would subject themselves to this activity. Prostitution is understandable in my head. You are hungry, you need shelter so a woman has something a man wants and is willing to pay for. Then does not pornography fit the bill? That is a difficult one to answer. Personally I believe the world would be a better place without prostitution and pornography--but you can't stop it!

P,S. The ** asterisks identify me as Glock27 in the event you are uninterested in what I have to say. I am doing this as a curtisy to a disgrunteled STR member

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The white man (psychopaths who make up "the government") uses the volatility of the sexual phenomenon as a means to divide and conquer the masses. That's my point.

Don't think the guy was convicted of distributing anti-porn tracts -- I might be wrong. But the porn thing does bring up a point of interest to me: in trucking across the continent I've noticed in the past 5 years an unusual growth in "adult" stores with huge (expensive) lighted billboards for miles and miles -- all located prominently along the interstates. I'd think it would be difficult for standing porn shops to stay in business with all the "free" porn on the web -- can't hardly "google" without some porn site blooping in (and of course I never take a peek -- dirty old man :-[ ). But all across the "bible belt" I encounter these signs. And eventually I'll roll by the highly lighted "adult" stores, apparently doing and staying in business. When I was younger the XXX places existed, but mainly in skid-row sections of cities.

I've often observed that most of what is advertized as "adult" ends up in the hands of kids anyhow. A big factor in sexuality is curiosity


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**No argument here, it's just that I am stuned to realize that goes on. I don't travel much, outside in the summer to take a pee and tend my garden other than that I am imprisoned by my body.
I never use google deliberately so I have had no blooping on me. I won't say whether I have taken a nip or two thouugh. It leaves me flat and not as much joy as seeing a politician in a movie get his head blown off.