The Swamp of War


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It isn't the general officers that are the cause of all these conflicts that USGov finds itself embroiled in; it's the hubris, idiocy, and criminal incompetence of the political appointees of the last four American presidents. Never been a big fan of Bacevich either, although I read his stuff sometimes.

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From the Tomgram article:

    " don’t have to be either a genius or a general to draw a simple enough lesson from these last 15 years of American war, even if it’s not Trump’s lesson: don’t do it..."

Individuals who write tripe such as this are the ones who believe that if "we" can just get a better class of people "in-office-to-rule-'us'" things will go much more smoothly. None, it appears, can come to really, really believe that war is the health of the state, and/or that insanity is the social norm. Precious few, it seems, can come to see that it is the state itself (or, more accurately, that group of psychopaths who claim to represent that mindless abstraction we've come to call "the state") that is the enemy.

The enormity of the truth is incredible. Sam