The Tax-the-Rich Truth Squad


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Discussions of this type insult the intelligence of all free-thinking sovereign states. That would be me. However, I secretly fear that I have precious little intelligence left to insult. To become free I proclaim one must recognize a critical but basic fact: that all agents of all government -- ALL -- have one primary set of purposes: to conceal, to confound, to perplex, to cover-up any semblance of truth.


All the time.

Throughout all of history.

Anything that could be detected by the unwashed masses as malfeasance on the part of "My Country" must be quashed early-on by soothing, yet
strong lullabies They can even, for instance, be led into war while standing in awe at various state-sponsored parades and/or "motorcades". And they should be encouraged to clap wildly when the king ("president", lovingly referred to by press types as "potus"; or "prime minister") rides by. I won't even discuss here the unbelievable "security precautions" expended to protect his uneasy head -- and with what the sovereign state understands his or her head SHOULD ride uneasily.

And never question the nakedness of his or her "highness".

Income is never defined by law. Thousands upon thousands of pages are devoted to coming to a non-defined entity referred to as "adjusted gross income". But all functionaries of all courts in all lands under all circumstances will "rule" their various equivalents to "The-Sixteenth-Amendment" are valid.

Well, wouldn't you? If you were collecting a handsome income and bestowed with the "power" of appointment as a Supreme-Court-Judge??? (I suspect also under penalty of death if the truth were known).

Probably, without doubt, next to the hastily and stealthfully enacted "federal reserve act", the most gigantic swindle known to man. And don't forget state wars, the most egregious and deadly swindles of all. Ask me about it.

So "we" are supposed to argue and wag our fingers and tongues and express opinions and write legislators and get all worked up over a huge packet of sloganry like "fair share". Arguments such as the one this guy Obama is now presenting are nothing but distractions.

You and I are being robbed. The more we comply, the greater the robbery. Sam

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