The Tax You Should Be Paying


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I think I'm going to be sick. Just kidding, I guess we have to have a sense of humor, but who do they think listens to this?

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Where do I sign up?

After all, taxation (at least "income" taxation) is based upon "voluntary compliance" it not???

I mean, sort of like stopping at stop signs??? You know the drill.


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If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet...

I am also put off by members of the armed forces having to pay state income tax for their home state of record (for states that have income tax) even though they may spend an entire tax year without even setting foot in their so-called home state because they have been deployed to a questionable war in a third world country.

Dude. Weak.

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If I thought for one minute that paying sales tax on my online purchases would insure that schools, libraries and rest areas would stay open or that the needy would receve health care, I would gladly pay up. Double. But I'll be damned if I will willingly contribute another cent to be squandered, as the rest of my taxes are squandered, on guns and walls and prisons.

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G'day rita,

You would pay, and pay double, to insure that the government schools [indoctrination centers] stay open?????????