TEXAS: 20 Vaccine Bills That Remove Consent and Incarcerate the Infected


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Each and every dominant social theme, each and every meme, I strongly believe, have been fetes of social engineering carried through over time by psychopathic and sociopathic tyrants -- each of whom is fully aware how easy it is to lead most people away from reality by simple slight-of-hand -- or slight-of-emotion. Some may have been more-or-less accidental (or coincidental), others carefully designed to redirect the attention of the hoi polloi from making identification of the man behind the curtain.

Enforced vaccines (think about the childlike ridiculousness of that for a moment); sexuality from stem-to-stern ("gay", "gay marriage", "LGBT" whatever, "trans" this or that [I've lost track of all the sexualities nowadays, but seems I read of a government form where one needed to mark yay or nay to as many as twenty different "preferences for flavors of sexuality"], abortion -- sexual in nature); "hate" ("thought") criminality; police brutality (what else is new?), etc etc etc.

The majority of human beings -- until somewhat recently -- have bought into the charade with docility. I believe the term "Stockholm syndrome" in itself is a total distraction from the fact that an extremely high percentage of people WANT to be subservient to masters. So the construct is to make it appear that only a small percentage of people -- like those involved in a rather obscure robbery over in Sweden that included hostages back in the 70's -- are the ones inflicted with a form of capture bonding, now labeled "Stockholm Syndrome".

Nah. It's everywhere, folks.

But that is changing. Slowly. As another post here at STR today suggests, even supposedly knowledgeable people are backing away from compliant submission to travesties such as mandatory inoculations. "Anti-Vaxers?"

A fun time to be alive! I hope to live to see all human rulership everywhere collapse. Not likely. My most effective contribution is my ongoing urge to my dear friends that they abstain from beans.

But I can dream, can't I? Sam