Toward Learning from Losing Aaron Swartz


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**terriably long article and with no jurisprudience skills it is difficult to follow. The author rambled a lot, loging in a large number of cases that made it difficult to decipher how it fit into Swartz's case.
Government is all over the place and the main goal is creaping more and more toward raping the liberties America has left if there are any liberties left at all. Swartz's blowing his head off is not atypical of young people caught in a tight spot. I feel there was a lot more to this case than what this extraordinaryly long diologue produced.
Back to reality the government has its sticky fingers into every aspect or our lives that it is pathetic. The only good news except for 118 arms and munitions dealears have banded together to refuse to sell their wares to any LEO organization in a state that prohibits the citizens from owinging the same firearm and 27 states legislated an ANTI NADD act, making it illegal to come into their boarders to kidnap a suspected person indefinitely without benefit of a lawyer or knowledge of charges. The other good piece of news has been the Michigan Senator Carl Levin is not running again for office whch means if Michigan has a good Libertarian contorl begins to happen in Washington.


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didn't finish anyway...
My bottom line: white, college educated, middle-class and > kiddies shouldn't mess around with serious stuff like this. These "outlaw hacker" types, with few exceptions, go into melt-down panic at the first flip of a federal badge case. As with the Earth First!, ALF, et. al. they don't have the testicular fortitude to go the distance. Esp. with the feds. These guys should stick to fundraising bake sales, and letters-to-the-editor type stuff. The Atlantic recently ran a much better profile of Schwartz than this lawyer's piece featured above.