TSA Frisks A Baby; Says The Stroller Set Off 'Explosives' Alarm


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Look at it this way, T S A ... it is just telling you, (tea sah), Teaser.
Let us just say that the whole story leads to the tormentor.
It must be true for the minikin american, this is due to the lack of being fremescent.
That is right, ------ go to The Friend.
Enjoy the interminable sufferings.
How jugal.
Care to cherish the fester?

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Okay, is there anyone out there who doesn't know that TSA agents are professional child molestors? (Boy, talk about turning a personality disorder into a career) Fly if you must, but for Christ's sake, protect your children -- leave them HOME.

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A person who behaves unacceptably by societal standards, and uses every possible environmental element to his advantage even if it is dishonest and cruel.

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