TSA Gives Pat Down to 6-Year-Old Girl in New Orleans


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Oh, we certainly don't want to send "mixed messages" to our children, so let's make this one loud and clear -- that mom and dad will stand by in silence while their kids are molested by strangers. But don't worry, honey, we'll post it on YouTube, so the whole world can witness your degradation and our failure to protect you.

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We have a truly ugly government. I haven't flown for years now.

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Powerful comment, Rita. Thank you for taking the time to post it. This kiddie hands in pants, touching "sensitive" areas pat down is wrong on so many levels. I just don't understand why people don't boycott the hell out of the airlines until it stops. I don't have to go anywhere that bad. I don't have to get anywhere that fast. I don't care what air fare deal I get. It is just not worth it to me to make my girls stand there and accept being groped by some stranger. This is inconceivable to me. That the TSA does it doesn't shock me. What is beyond shocking to me is that people accept it.

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I'm not against the security check in airports since it's just only for our safety but doing security checks by the agents should be careful and gentle that the one being examined is not feeling being abused or assaulted because it's just normal for the public to react violently about these security checks when they are feel like being assaulted already. I remember the news about what happened last Saturday when a mother from TN was detained for objecting when TSA workers tried to pat down her daughter. The female allegedly became belligerent and was arrested for disorderly conduct. Recently, the TSA altered its policy on pat downs of children. This incident comes after that policy change. The proof is here: Woman arrested for scene when TSA attempt to pat down her daughter. I think if the TSA agents just explained the change in their policies with the woman and the woman just made a proper approach to the TSA agent, the situation would not come to the point of arresting her. This is the only thing that both parties must understand and consider.