TSA Unionized – Americans Screwed


Glock27's picture

No,no,no,no! It is simply the government slowly becoming the best tyrannical government it can be under the guise of benevolance. "See how well we are taking care of you and protecting you from yourself and others" Scan you I.D. please. Turn over all firearms and weapons...now. Shut up. You have no more money to pay your taxes. Well it will be to the work farms for you"

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It truly baffles me that people pay hundreds of dollars to be treated like slaves. I realize that under some circumstances, flying may be necessary to make a living for some people. But, I don't understand why people will take such abuse for nonesssential reasons. I see the reports of kids groped by TSA thugs on their way to Disney and wonder exactly what is wrong with parents to put kids through that.