UC Davis Pepper-Spray Cop's Payout Criticized by Attorney


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Yeah, I'll undoubtedly be preaching to the so-called choir, but my below response was prompted by some Facebook feedback I received after posting this article on my FB newsfeed. Of course, her statist usage of the pronoun "we" isn't fitting, as I'm not a US Citizen or State Resident, even though I was born and live on the North American continent.


Barbara Gibbs: we have sick system that allows for this bs.
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Christian Livingstone: Yeah, Statism and extortion-funded State institutions are predicated on a monopoly of violence and political demandingness. I mean, in a Free Market setting of Education, where the students were paying customers on a true fee-for-service basis, they would have no reason to protest against State policy or State tuition increases. They would instead, vote with their feet and find a better value and education experience elsewhere.

Most California collegians who are enrolled in communized entitlement schemes or other taxpayer-subsidized education financing. And they've been conditioned to have an expectation to get their demands met through the political means, rather than the productive means.

Of course, the State operators don't lose anything, even when there's a problem that they've created, as State-created problems (like State cops being largely immune from liability for their actions) then just becomes an excuse to expand the State even further, to solve the problem. But, every new State job or program just impoverishes the productive class even further.

So, the taxpayers paid the pepper-sprayed "victims" 30K each, and the taxpayers lost even more to the pepper-spraying UC State cop/perpetrator who did the spraying.

What did the spoiled students lose for their disruptive actions on property that was not their own? Nothing. But they got 30K for some pepper spray in their face.

What did the US State cop lose? Ultimately, his job. But he got tax-free compensation for the rest of his life, probably.

What did the State University administration lose for employing overbearing staff like this P.O.S.T. certified State University cop? Nothing, personally, most likely.

You see, in a non-communized, non-monopolized, non-subsidized University, the students, any security personnel, or the Private Institution itself would all have their own liability issues, without having the tendency of Statist recklessness, as tort claims of their own actions would be paid by themselves, and not taxpayers. Student/patrons would have no reason to sit-in and disrupt their on place of education, or would undoubtedly be in breech of a contractual agreement or of a criminal trespass.

So, this is just another example of how a "moral hazard" is inherent (and/or is behaviorally reinforced) in every State activity.
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