Unschooling Isn't All About the Kids


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If you want to make your children responsible than you make him understand about the moral values and responsibilities , because this features are not inborn. Realization comes through proper guidance right from the beginning.
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    No parenting style is a surefire way to ensure a predictable outcome. Instead of focusing on the adults that children will become (which we are truly powerless to control or predict), let's focus on connectedness and joy in the experience.

Of course I advocate homeschooling. If "unschooling" is the style you choose, go for it! But keep the kids out of coercive government ("public" ha ha) institutions if you possibly can.

I've said forever, so I'll repeat: the family is the only legitimate governing unit in existence. All others are agencies of coercion for the purpose of control and of theft, pure and simple.

Read Rothbard's "Anatomy Of The State".

The human newborn is unique among living beings. S/he enters into life totally and completely dependent upon adult caregivers (hopefully a loving Mom and Dad committed to the family). This is the fly in the ointment of the superstition played out in the "theory of evolution". "Scientists" fail to address this, and "libertarians" tag along for a number of reasons.

IMHO (which ain't humble, believe me. Sorry, my good evolutionist friends).

The family government is based upon love. I love my kids (five of the seven are now over fifty -- yikes!!!). And I love all of my grandkids and great grandkids. In fact I'm far more conscientious when caring for and supervising grandkids than I was with my own.

For the first twenty years the kids are under the direct supervision of Mom and Dad. But unlike human government systems that are malignancies that grow and metastasize, healthy family "rulership" dwindles as the kids mature, until after fifteen or twenty years the young fly out of the nest and start nests of their own.

The time will come when the kids might supervise and give loving care to Mom and Dad, if parents are fortunate enough to live long lives and to have reared devoted children. Two of my kids have voluntary conservatorship over my "stuff". I won't always be as alert as I am today, and it's good to have a game-plan in place in the white man's egregious "legal" system, with which my sovereign state is surrounded.

Love the kids.


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I have no idea about the true, genuine, authentic effectiveness of home schooling. In the reported cases it seems to work as long as one person can stay at home and perform these activities with their kids and follow the (government mandate) about the curriculum and etc. So in home schooling the government is not completely out of the picture--their noses are buried as deeply as they can get them. No one reports on the failures of home school (which can't be much worse than public schools), maybe a bit less.

In these days it really requires two incomes to keep a family going and the current circumstances do not demonstrate this is a reality anymore. I have never looked at or heard spoken of the socio-economic status of the home schoolers, but based on current events there cannot be a very large number. Also, no one reports on the number of home schoolers who finally gave up because they did not have the mental capacity to provide--not that public education does either given the latest reports on teacher preparation listed here I believe this week by Linda Secor.

I am still in favor of eliminating public education and let each community come to its own resolve on how best to implement a school plan that doesn't include superintendents getting free housing, free cars, unlimited time off and etc. In my case this is the set of benefits the super got along with stocks. Then there are cases where administrators used money from projects for schools that went to personal items like redecorating the supers building and office. This is ridiculous. School boards are suppose to be in control of this, but where are they, and what do they know about education? Every facet of the American life is politicized right from the local government to the Blight House in the District of Criminals--and you know. I don't give a fuq if NSA is reading this. NSA is Narly sons of assholes.

Everyone, or nearly everyone wants to blame teachers for the poor quality of education when they operate classrooms with 30 plus kids, and the bad asses creating havoc in the classroom; not to exclude the Bullying Superintendents upon the teachers. Teachers get it from three ends of the spectrum--administration and all their silly games and implementing state guidelines, students, and parents who don't really give a damned. Been there, done that. In many cases it is impossible to obtain control of the classroom. Corporal punishment is gone, touch a kid and you get sued.

There is so much more I could rattle on regarding this issue but it is purp0seless.

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It is not up to the community -- which in our current political matrix is a weasel-word substitute for "politically-oriented and unscrupulous people." In its correct usage, the community is a voluntary group of people who wish to accomplish something -- as at a company or other organization whose membership and funding is voluntary. But in the current matrix, it is a group that victimizes everyone else to pursue a goal. Parenting and all that goes with it is purely a parental responsibility. Parents have no business picking their neighbors' pockets to fund schools by the theft that is taxation. In such a matrix, you merely perpetuate the problem -- which is why schools function so poorly. There is no customer who pays for the service. They merely force others to pay. That's why most parents spend more time choosing a TV set than the school. You really need to master the nonaggression axiom and to think ethically and philosophically. I lose patience with you because I lay out the tools, but you are unwilling to do the homework. This is my last attempt to credit you with the ability to learn and self-correct.

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Glock27. That remark above was directed toward you. Your thoughts are like brick houses on quicksand. Because you persist in pretending you can have a content-valuable discussion without addressing the substructure underneath your thoughts, they are all ephemeral because they "beg" every question on which they are based. I give up on you. I spent lots of time giving you all the tools in a previous essay, yet you couldn't even open your eyes to see the PDFs. Did you read? And if you didn't agree, you need to continue THAT dialog until you explain what you don't like and why. Until you take care of those "first principles" and either reject them for some cogent reason or somehow communicate a reason for refusing them, I won't entertain this kind of superficial "thoughts." And I encourage others to do likewise. This is not some autistic blog. Try to communicate, not merely expel thoughts in a vacuum. Do you see? No go back and read those chapters about meta-ethics, consistency, and non-aggression. Finish that dialog before pretending to be able to speak while your raft is sinking.