U.S. Drug War Slowly Shifts Fire away from low-level Users


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It is worth noting that when people call 9-1-1 in an emergency, they usually want *help* and not *hostile cops*.

This new law in one state notwithstanding, if you use drugs recreationally, every person in your party group should have the local emergency medical response and ambulance service phone number programmed into their phones, and that number should be called instead of 9-1-1 for any medical emergency. (And with an equal measure of precaution, everyone should also have the number for a previously-retained criminal defense attorney or a bail bondsman written in permanent marker on their forearms, because if it comes to that, you probably won't be able to use your own phone. The same applies for public protests.)

If you trust in this law, expect to be disappointed. The cops will arrest callers for their drugs regardless. They might have some specific charges dismissed, but they can always get you for something else. Better to not risk police involvement at all.

As well-intentioned as this mother-on-a-mission may be, she is somewhat naive when it comes to the nature of law enforcement.