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Kristina M. Gronquist is a freelance writer based in Minneapolis. She specializes in foreign policy analysis and holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Minnesota.

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America's Policy Has Consequences, Right or Wrong'
Kristina M. Gro... 2006-09-19 15:00
Exclusive to STR September 20, 2006
The Shifting Sands of War Rationales
Kristina M. Gro... 2005-06-29 15:00
'We won't leave Iraq until we achieve victory . . . until the mission is completed . . . we can't leave before the job is done.' These are the phrases we hear repeated like a broken record by the wagers of war and lives. U.S. Senator Russ Feingold recently pushed Bush for a withdrawal timetable. The Wisconsin Senator said there are three important questions the administration must answer: 1)...
The Backdrop Never Changes
Kristina M. Gro... 2005-04-11 15:00
When the tragedy of another school shooting unfolds, a legion of commentators, psychologists and politicians, combined with religious and education officials, all come forward with an impressive array of explanations and expertise, much of which is truly insightful and informative. Motivations for these unnatural killings of children by children are complex and they deserve our full attention, no...
The Backdrop Never Changes
Kristina M. Gro... 2004-09-02 15:00
If you are looking for coherent analysis about the Iraqi insurgency and the continuing violence in Iraq , do not look to papers like USA Today, or even to the much heralded New York Times. An astute truth seeker will read these papers only to gauge what it is the mainstream media machine is being directed to relay. Quite obviously, their information about the war flows primarily from 'official...
Send in the Clowns
Kristina M. Gro... 2004-08-02 15:00
Remember how President Kennedy's policy elites were referred to as 'the best and the brightest'? These well-educated policy scientists helped President Kennedy execute the ' Bay of Pigs ,' the ill-fated foreign policy debacle. The 'best and brightest' advisors continued on, with LBJ, to lead the U.S. into Southeast Asia . The Vietnam quagmire would devastate and divide this nation while claiming...
Color Your Opposition to the War But Stay Within the Lines
Kristina M. Gro... 2004-07-19 15:00
Supporters and opponents of the U.S. war in Iraq question each other's assumptions and appear diametrically opposed on major points. We know them by heart by now. The arguments of those who opposed the war are the most cogent. The administration used the fear of 9/11 to orchestrate a threat in Iraq and a motive to invade. All the while there were no WMDs, no links to bin Laden, no imminent threat...
Post 9/11: Questioning the Ends and Means of Violence
Kristina M. Gro... 2004-07-18 15:00
The Iraq quagmire is in large part the result of the absence of intelligent discussion and debate about U.S. foreign policy post 9/11. With the exception of the ostracized and largely disregarded anti-war community, few Americans dissented or as bravely raised the right questions about their nation's violent response toward the people of the Middle East . The work before us now, as we confront a...
Be Afraid! Because Paranoia Is Patriotic
Kristina M. Gro... 2004-07-06 15:00
The overuse of the terms "terrorism" and "terrorist" have rendered useless their descriptive abilities. But this plays well to a polity that receives most of its misinformation via television and Hollywood. The "terrorists" are shadowy, dark skinned (always dark skinned) figures emerging from far away, mysterious places. Like Martians that come from a distant planet...