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Robert Johnson is a paralegal and a freelance writer in Florida. He was raised Roman Catholic, but after reading Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason, he became a Deist. In 1993 he founded the World Union of Deists and in 1996 he launched the first web site devoted to Deism,  He is listed in Who's Who in Hell and is the author of Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You and An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity.  He wrote the introduction to The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition and also writes for


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Columns by Robert L. Johnson

Bush's Latest War Dance
Robert L. Johnson 2008-01-17 17:00
Exclusive to STR January 18, 2008
Why Voting Doesn't Matter
Robert L. Johnson 2007-12-27 17:00
Exclusive to STR December 28, 2007 The powers that be that run and benefit from this hypocritical and corrupt government can be seen as the shepherds, and the masses of people can be seen as the sheep. And as the French writer Marie-Henri Beyle wrote, 'The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interest and his own are the same.' Of course, the shepherd really only wants to take...
Iraqi Oil for Israel
Robert L. Johnson 2007-11-26 17:00
Exclusive to STR November 27, 2007
Awaken Our Troops
Robert L. Johnson 2007-10-29 17:00
Exclusive to STR October 30, 2007
All Volunteer/Mercenary US Military
Robert L. Johnson 2007-09-23 16:00
Exclusive to STR August 29, 2007
All Volunteer/Mercenary US Military
Robert L. Johnson 2007-08-28 16:00
Exclusive to STR September 24, 2007
Priorities of the People
Robert L. Johnson 2007-06-21 16:00
Exclusive to STR June 22, 2007 Priorities are very important. In the history books we've seen that men like George Washington had priorities of leading a violent revolution against the government. This priority of Washington's took precedent over his own family, income and being. By today's standards, Washington was a nut case!
Revealed' Religion: Making the World Safe for Government
Robert L. Johnson 2007-05-29 16:00
Exclusive to STR May 30, 2007 "As an activated national guardsman, I work for the president. I believe that the people that make the decisions and put me into that position have the education and experience to know exactly what they're doing."
Middle East Violence--I Can't Understand It!
Robert L. Johnson 2007-03-28 16:00
Exclusive to STR March 29, 2007
Should Israel Make Concessions and Renounce Part of the Torah?
Robert L. Johnson 2007-02-22 17:00
Exclusive to STR February 23, 2007 Israel and the US are conspiring to undercut the democratic will of the Palestinian people by forcing Hamas, the choice of the people, out of their legally elected position of political power. The US plutocrats spent $42,000,000 taxpayer dollars to support the opponents of Hamas! This is only one example of the US government doing Israel's anti-democratic...
Arkansas Legislature Snubs Thomas Paine
Robert L. Johnson 2007-02-20 17:00
Exclusive to STR February 21, 2007 Politicians enjoy misleading the sheeple by pretending they believe in freedom. The Arkansas legislature recently made it crystal clear that this is just a song and dance routine intended to be limited to only election and reelection speeches when they voted against honoring Thomas Paine by making January 29th Thomas Paine Day.
War of Assumption
Robert L. Johnson 2007-01-24 17:00
Exclusive to STR January 25, 2007 Last night the Presidential moron inadvertently showed how little he and his buffoons in Congress think and care about people in general and US military people in particular. Boy George said in his 2007 State of the Union speech concerning the soon to be four year old war in Iraq, 'We went into this largely united, in our assumptions and in our convictions...
New U.S. Congress Shaping Up to Promote Israel Over All
Robert L. Johnson 2007-01-11 17:00
Exclusive to STR January 12, 2007
Government Prisons Help the Jewish Holocaust Story
Robert L. Johnson 2006-12-31 17:00
Exclusive to STR January 1, 2007
A Goode Opportunity
Robert L. Johnson 2006-12-25 17:00
Exclusive to STR December 26, 2006
Chanukah George Readies to Make Yet More Religious War
Robert L. Johnson 2006-12-20 17:00
Exclusive to STR December 21, 2006
Is the Media AIPAC's Ace in the Hole?
Robert L. Johnson 2006-12-14 17:00
Exclusive to STR December 15, 2006 When life-long atheist Antony Flew became a Deist, he said he did so because he 'followed the evidence.' This practice and principle of following the evidence wherever it may lead should be employed by everyone and in every aspect of our lives.
Was Leo Strauss an Idiot?
Robert L. Johnson 2006-12-04 17:00
Exclusive to STR December 5, 2006 Leo Strauss, the founding father of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)-based neoconservative movement, is too often talked about and written about as being some sort of intelligent, profound philosopher and thinker. The reality of it is that Strauss was a man who actually took the myths and lies found in the Hebrew Bible as factual. Only a non-thinker could do...
Somebody Has To Do It?
Robert L. Johnson 2006-11-12 17:00
Exclusive to STR November 13, 2006 The other night on the evening news I saw a young American soldier being interviewed in Iraq. He was saying how it's tough when you see your buddies getting wounded and killed and that after he gets home every year for the rest of his life Veterans Day will bring those friends taken from him in Iraq back to him. Veterans Day will never be the same for him....
Fight the Illusion--Don't Vote!
Robert L. Johnson 2006-10-30 17:00
Exclusive to STR The criminals that take up space in Congress and the White House need people to vote. They need to keep the lie alive! Even though there is no room for real debate and free exchange of ideas in this country, they desperately need to keep the illusion going that they are the representatives of 'the people,' that they are doing 'the people's work.' Of course, in reality they're...
The AWOL Heroes
Robert L. Johnson 2006-10-10 16:00
Exclusive to STR October 11, 2006 Darrell Anderson is a hero. He did what he thought was right regardless of the consequences. He is standing up to the government because the government is trying to force him to do what is wrong.
Bill Moyers Misses the Mark
Robert L. Johnson 2006-10-05 16:00
Exclusive to STR October 6, 2006
How Can We Be So Stupid?, Part II
Robert L. Johnson 2006-09-24 16:00
Exclusive to STR September 25, 2006
How Can We Be So Stupid?
Robert L. Johnson 2006-09-19 16:00
Exclusive to STR September 20, 2006
Why Deism and Corrupt Government Don"t Mix
Robert L. Johnson 2004-12-16 17:00
It's been my experience when talking to people about religion, that the overwhelming majority of them have never heard of Deism. Hopefully, with the recent conversion of world-famous philosopher and atheist, Antony Flew, to Deism, this will begin to change. The lack of knowledge of Deism is highly unusual given the strong role Deism has played in the history of Europe and America. But, as FDR is...
FDR Turned a Blind Eye to the Holocaust
Robert L. Johnson 2010-11-19 04:00
Column by Robert Johnson. Exclusive to STR November 16, 2010 marked the 77th anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the United States government turning a blind eye towards the Holocaust of the Ukrainian people. On November 16, 1933, the United States formally recognized the Soviet Union for the first time with an official pact.   The pact was brought about not by Roosevelt negotiating...
Democrats Demonstrate Why Voting Is a Fraud
Robert L. Johnson 2012-09-11 00:00
Column by Robert Johnson. Exclusive to STR This past Wednesday, September 5, 2012, is a day that should live on as a day of true education. For on that day the Democratic Party let all the world see, and it was preserved on video for posterity to witness and learn from, what a truly senseless and foolish act voting is. Thank you, Dems!   The powerful and clear lesson came as Los Angeles...
C.S. Lewis Called for a Christian Theocracy
Robert L. Johnson 2010-09-09 03:00
By Robert L. Johnson.   Exclusive to STR   After reading articles by David J. Theroux of the C.S. Lewis Society which had links at and which paint the Christian apologist C.S. Lewis as a freedom loving libertarian, I had a hard time reconciling what little I do clearly know of Lewis with the claims made by Theroux. The only book I’ve read that Lewis wrote...
Why 'The Greatest Generation'?
Robert L. Johnson 2010-01-12 04:00
Exclusive to STR   Tom Brokaw coined the phrase “the Greatest Generation” for those Americans who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930s and who went on to fight, kill and die in World War II. You have to ask yourself why a key spokesman for the established government-friendly (to say the least) mainstream media would hold these Americans in such high regard.  ...
The Biblical Roots of the “Lunatic State of Israel”
Robert L. Johnson 2010-06-14 03:00
Exclusive to STR     The courageous Jew Norm Finkelstein recently described the Jewish state of Israel as a “lunatic state.” He made this statement during an interview regarding the slaughter of nine volunteers who were murdered by the Israeli Occupation Forces while trying to break Israel’s illegal and anti-human blockade of Gaza. The nine people murdered in the...
Do We Owe Gratitude to American Veterans For Having Fought in Iraq?
Robert L. Johnson 2013-03-22 05:56
Column by Robert L. Johnson. Exclusive to STR U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel marked the 10th anniversary of the U.S. war against Iraq by saying, “Every one of the more than one million service members that deployed to Iraq, often for multiple tours of duty, deserves our highest praise and deepest debt of gratitude.” Is Hagel correct? Do the American people owe the veterans of...
Obama Takes a Double Bitch Slap from Israel
Robert L. Johnson 2010-05-10 03:00
Exclusive to STR   Bitch slap number one: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is in Israel trying to restart the Palestinian/Israeli peace talks. While in Israel the Israeli government announces its plan to build 1,600 apartments for Jews in Palestinian East Jerusalem. This allegedly outrages Biden and the Obama administration. How can they appear to be working for peace in the Middle East when...
Voting: Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Robert L. Johnson 2010-07-21 03:00
By Robert L. Johnson.   Exclusive to STR   A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 51 percent of the voting cattle are upset with Obama and the Democrats. Their solution is to replace the Democrats with Republicans! This is similar to actual beef cattle preferring Burger King to McDonalds. Either way, the cattle lose.   The Republicans, who the voting cattle are taking a...
Governor of Virginia Embraces Romans 13:1-7
Robert L. Johnson 2010-01-29 04:00
 Exclusive to STR   Bob McDonnell, Virginia’s newly elected governor and graduate of televangelist Pat Robertson’s RegentUniversity, said at a prayer breakfast before his inauguration that he looks at his political career and being governor as a ministry.  He also said, “For a ruler to be just and to be fair and to have the wisdom needed in order to do right for...