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Jeff Langr is the owner of a software consulting and training firm, Langr Software Solutions.  He is the author of two books on Java programming and over a dozen published software development articles.  Langr resides in Colorado Springs with his wife Kathy and three children.



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Mob Ruling
Jeff Langr 2005-06-26 16:00
Today the gangsters on the Supreme Court did a wonderful job of ruling atop a house of cards of previous rulings.
Police Quell Palmer Lake Poker Crime
Jeff Langr 2005-05-01 16:00
Palmer Lake, Colorado, April 26, 2005--Local law enforcement agents burst into Guadala Jarra restaurant in Palmer Lake, training their already-drawn guns onto the heads of the sea of criminals seated at the tables. Laser sighting allowed them to train red dots on the points at which their bullets would penetrate the skulls of the dangerous occupants of the restaurant. Police officials barked out...
Customer Service
Jeff Langr 2005-04-21 16:00
My wife Kathy went to a new restaurant/bar last night called Dewey's American Grill. Dewey's is two miles down the road on Centennial Avenue in Colorado Springs. It's a new place in an old location, a poor location that seems doomed to failure. This place will certainly fail if Kathy's experience is anything but a sad aberration.
Every Vote Is Sacred
Jeff Langr 2004-10-03 16:00
Even as a third grader, I knew something was rotten. Jimmy and Mike were running head-to-head as class president, and there seemed to be little coincidence that they were the most macho SOBs in the class. Both were slick, good-looking guys who exuded confidence and self-assurance. Jimmy and Mike, while not the brightest pupils in the pod, were keenly aware that the class presidency was a farce. '...
Choose Life
Jeff Langr 2004-07-08 16:00
Most religions preach asceticism. The core of Buddhism, as an example, is centered around the idea that human suffering is to be expected. We generate our own pain because we crave things. It suggests that the way we eliminate this suffering is by learning how to eliminate these desires (including carnal ones). Many other religions promote spirituality over worldly goods. An example from the...
Life After Public School
Jeff Langr 2004-07-07 16:00
I received feedback on my column Separation and Coalescence, in which I wrote about the elimination of state schools. A very concerned reader asked me what the alternative was. Won't all our children grow up to be ignorant? In lieu of public education, the free market would provide a variety of solutions. Religious private schools and secular private schools would continue to exist....
It"s All Bush"s Fault
Jeff Langr 2004-05-18 16:00
If I hear one more time that it's "Bush's fault," I'm going to be ill. From my fellow Root Strikers to Ted Kennedy to a grieving father, I hear the constant shrill cries that "everything is Bush's fault." I don't care for Bush. I don't believe we should be in Iraq . I believe the Patriot Act that Bush signed into law is an abomination. I believe Bush sold out those who voted for him by pushing...
Separation and Coalescence - Part I
Jeff Langr 2004-04-26 16:00
In the last several years of his life, my father worked on a pet writing project. It was extremely important to him to get it published, and he was very anxious about getting it done. Being a bit of a perfectionist, however, he never published any of his work. After almost five years since his death, I've decided to take on some of his project. Default">My father was what most people would...
Reality"s a Dream
Jeff Langr 2004-04-26 16:00
'Reality's a dream, a game in which I seem to never find out just what I am. I don't know if I'm an actor or ham, a shaman or sham.' ~ Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks, 'I Don't Mind' This morning I listened to Tony Snow decrying the latest announcement in the reality TV world. 'Be My Baby' is a 20/20 show scheduled to air this Friday, April 30 on ABC. Barbara Walters and John Stossel, media...
Debating Taxes
Jeff Langr 2004-04-14 16:00
In my recent column Modern Oppression I discussed how I felt about the inequity of income tax. It is unfair to the poor, the rich, and everyone else in-between. I've since engaged in a related discussion on the topic of progressive taxation at JavaRanch (where the first rule is to be nice, otherwise you get censored). In one response I posted, 'why should I pay a higher rate than someone...
Modern Oppression
Jeff Langr 2004-04-05 16:00
Progressive taxation is one of the favored tools of the left. Promoting class warfare, the left constantly rails against giving tax cuts to the rich. Yet the wealthy already pay an unfair, disproportionate share. I am getting screwed. I'm nowhere within reach of what I consider wealthy, yet my government treats me like I am. My definition of wealthy is not having to worry about going to work...
Save The Trees
Jeff Langr 2004-03-30 16:00
Many of us middle-aged curmudgeons grew up in the early 1970s. For a six-year-old with no knowledge of Vietnam , it was an idyllic time. I recall a great emphasis on the environment, except we used the buzzword "ecology." Marvin Gaye sang about it. The television broadcast numerous public service commercials about it. Activists founded many of today's well-known environmental organizations, such...
Virtual Evil
Jeff Langr 2004-03-29 16:00
Amidst terrorist bombings, the European Union lashed out last week at what it considers to be the heart of evil: the Microsoft corporation, headquartered in the state of Washington . As punishment for the evils of being a successful American corporation, the EU fined the software giant the equivalent of $613 million. The EU antitrust chief Mario Monti noted that "dominant companies have a...