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Jonathan David Morris writes a weekly column on politics and personal freedoms.  His website is

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The Road to Tyranny Is Poorly Paved
Jonathan David ... 2004-02-17 16:00
We were on our way back from lunch last week when a colleague and I were pulled aside for speeding on a wide-open, four-lane road. It was actually pretty nice out, that day. Blue skies. Puffy white clouds like you see in cartoons. A departure from recent chill winds. And there we were, cruising along in said colleague's car -- one of three total, going east or west -- when my buddy slammed his...
Was It Something I Said?
Jonathan David ... 2004-02-03 16:00
I wrote last week that I was disavowing the Republican Party due to reckless spending, the Patriot Act, and President Bush's reluctance to directly address us on the dearth of Iraqi weapons. Without meaning to come across as self-important, the response to my column has been so overwhelming that I'd like to spend this week examining how it was received. All right, all right. I mean to come across...
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish: A Warhawk Flies the Coop
Jonathan David ... 2004-01-27 16:00
I start on a personal note. I would like for the record to show that, today, I formally disavow the Republican Party as well as my past support for the Second Gulf War. Now, let me be frank: This is something I didn't see coming a year ago. I only saw things through a prism of GOP allegiance back then. I'm a year older now -- a year wiser, I suppose. It shouldn't be easy for an op-ed writer to...