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Steven Holman

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An Atheist and Voluntaryist
Cofounder of the Natural Rights Coalition
Organizer of the Complete Liberty Meet-Up


Born into a conservative, fundamentalist, evangelical christian home; I attended the Liberty Christian Academy (LCA) high school. While in high school, I studied seminary theology and Koine Greek. LCA operated on "the principle approach" which instilled the principles of individuality, reason, and liberty. Unfortunately, they also taught me "patriotism", and "proper government". So immediately after school I joined the U.S. Navy and did 4 tours to the Middle East in 5 years. I saw the true face of government in the death and destruction of which I was apart. After leaving the military, I began rethinking everything I thought I knew. After a few years of introspection and some discussion with a close friend I began to realize what I believed was a delusion. First the government then the christian delusion fell away and I viewed the world for what it was. I began to read fervently. I scoured the internet for any book I could find on these subjects. I thought I couldn't be the first to discover this. I found many writers on the subject. Now I do all I can to strike the root. I meet weekly with the Natural Rights Coalition, organize the Complete Liberty meet-up started by Wes Bertrand and named for his book, and head the security team for the Libertopia festival. I also brew beer for Agorist Ales and study different self-sustaining techniques such as gardening.


Freedom, Religion, Football, Beer, Survivalism, Self-sustainability, Economics, Justice, Agorism