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Dan Olson is a student of philosophy and political science in New York City, originally from the Midwest. He is an avid reader of everything from Rothbard to Debord to Nietzsche, and his political views can be readily summed up (to steal a fellow libertarian's catch-phrase) as "anti-state, anti-war, and pro-market."


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Columns by Dan Olson

Another Flawed 'National Strategy'
Dan Olson 2005-12-08 17:00
Exclusive to STR Since President Bush's speech outlining his "National Strategy for Victory" -- largely a restatement of established strategy -- numerous op/ed pieces have been written describing the progress being made in Iraq, and the increasing chances for a positive outcome. Conservatives point to the large-scale training of Iraqi military forces as a sign of progress, and estimate that US...
Invoking the Dead Letter
Dan Olson 2005-09-25 16:00
Exclusive to STR
The Criminal Presidency
Dan Olson 2005-04-14 16:00
In 1983, former Democratic representative Pat Schroeder called Ronald Reagan the "Teflon President," capturing the Gipper's seeming invulnerability to scandal and failure. Due primarily to his charm and wit, Reagan was able to maintain a positive image throughout the Iran-Contra scandal, and remained popular despite failing to deliver on numerous campaign promises. Reagan's famous ability to...
The March of Statism
Dan Olson 2005-02-09 17:00
If the currently prevailing political parties serve as an indication of the predominant views of Americans at this time in history, it can be said that modern Americans typically fall into two loosely defined ideological camps. These ideologies, as the synthesis of a number of logically independent (and inconsistent) ideas and tendencies, encompass a variety of ideas that frequently come into...
The Real State of the Union
Dan Olson 2005-02-06 17:00
In his State of the Union address, George Bush predictably painted a glorious picture of an economically thriving United States engaged in multiple successful efforts to stamp out terrorism throughout the world. He claimed that freedom was on the rise both at home and abroad, and that our nation was being made secure by the very overseas ventures that enrage terrorists and lead to retaliation.