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Lowell Potter is a past-his-prime curmudgeon, supporting his good life of arts and leisure by honest, private sector toil, a patriotic American who no longer consents to a criminal government.


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Columns by Lowell Potter

Whither Ye Olde Bicycle?
Lowell Potter 2004-10-18 16:00
Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in a vast and rich country. He rode a bicycle around his little bucolic hometown, fearlessly covering miles and miles of treacherous highways and byways. The little boy did not wear a helmet. Maybe you have already guessed that the little boy was me. If you have, then you realize that this is not a fairy tale, even though it may seem like one to a...
Diana Taurasi
Lowell Potter 2004-04-09 16:00
Taurasi . . . Diana Taurasi. Yeah, she's da bomb. What else could it be? Who in the hell is Diana Taurasi, anyway? Well, that's like asking me who in the hell is Rudi Bakhtiar? Turn on the tube. If you happen to be one of the infinitesimally few who are still able to resist the ubiquitous modern TV screen, I salute you! Diana Taurasi is the talented and driven leader of the NCAA Woman's Champion...
Board Games
Lowell Potter 2004-03-22 17:00
I am known, if I am known at all, for my intermittent and opinionated rants on various liberty-themed websites around the internet. I have of late been writing fewer of my patented ranting essays in favor of the less strenuous frivolity of engaging in internet posting board discussions. In fact, I seem to have become somewhat detrimentally addicted to this incredibly time consuming activity and...
Potter"s State of the "Union"
Lowell Potter 2004-02-01 17:00
Everything is sooo surreal nowadays. This very second on television, a virtual goddess reads a newscast headlined by war and terrorism. Every other sentence contains the currently obligatory Al Qaida reference and/or strings of Arabian sounding names like Akhmed Akhbar-Akhmad, Sheikh Omar Whatabooti, or Yusef Mohammed Ali-baba whatever, in connection with yet another Moslem plot to highjack...
Reply All
Lowell Potter 2003-05-26 16:00
Is it just me, or is any one else sick of their inboxes constantly jammed full of United We Stand and God Bless America e-mail forwards, day in and day out, monotonously rivaling even the penis-enlargement, lower-your-mortgage-rate spammers for sheer tenaciously annoying perseverance?
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Lowell Potter 2003-03-20 17:00
Much earlier today I stood smoking in the dooryard with a hot cup of coffee in hand. I watched the wind in the trees as a cheerful, unconcerned sun climbed inexorably in the chill morning sky. It occurred to me that the sun was totally ambivalent to the great American liberation of an intolerably oppressed people, currently commencing halfway around the world.
Defending Al Bundy's Life
Lowell Potter 2003-03-09 17:00
O.K., . . . I'm probably going to get roasted for this, buttfuquette, as they say in Lewiston . . . . I will now attempt a point-counterpoint style riposte to a recent essay appearing on my favorite website,
A Child's History of the World
Lowell Potter 2003-02-25 17:00
The book had a sturdy, old-fashioned, hardboard cover, securely bound with textured linen fabric. A faded deep green, its corners were blunted and creased and its edges slightly frayed with wear. Its substantial pages, well thumbed and a bit yellowed, were well printed in a rich, bold type.
Bushes, Shrubs, and Other Dangerous Tinder
Lowell Potter 2003-02-16 17:00
So, . . . . I'm freshly arrived at work the other evening with a nice, positive, philosophical and industrious attitude about being there. For me, achieving this sort of mindset is no small feat and it requires a good deal of mental effort and forced self-discipline. Naturally, I was feeling just a little bit proud of myself for getting there. Then I spied the disturbing image of a pointing and...