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Bill Ross is an electronic design engineer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The above article is an excerpt from, an evolving objective study of humanity and civilization and dissection of the lies of those who incorrectly believe they are in control from the factual, provable perspective. Feedback is welcome.


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Darwin Reconsidered
Bill Ross 2006-08-14 16:00
Charles Darwin published Origin of the Species in 1859, after 30 years of fearing to do so. He was afraid of offending his deeply religious wife and the backlash of entrenched religious and secular powers, whose 'truths' and basis of power were challenged and perhaps refuted by Darwin 's work. Even today, nearly 150 years later, entrenched intellectual interests find it necessary to denounce...
Know This Or Die
Bill Ross 2005-10-04 16:00
It is a fact that we will all die, the converse of life. It is pointless to speculate on what comes after life or anything without a factual linkage to reality. Practical people are concerned solely with what can be seen, touched, experienced and proven. To concern oneself with speculation (apart from discovering the possible whys of observable facts) is to waste one's time, which is far better...
The 'Rule of Law'
Bill Ross 2005-04-18 16:00
The precise legal definition of 'the rule of law' seems to have been 'misplaced' by our 'guardians of civilization' and lost in history. Current judges state: 'I am the law,' implying that they are the beginning and end of authority, residing in their eminently trustworthy and infallible persons. Enough information is now available to re-construct the 'rule of law' from the evidence.
Feedback Model of Intelligent Choice
Bill Ross 2005-04-04 16:00
A general consensus is rapidly forming among the intelligent and morally aware that our civilization is on an accelerating path to destruction, mainly because criminals appear to be in control and the law has taken the wrong side. The basic fact is that we allow them to act in our name, because we fear the personal cost of defiance. This means we are all complicit in their crimes, to the extent...
The Mathematics of Rule
Bill Ross 2005-03-30 16:00
A mathematical proof of the relationship between productive activity and survival of society is derived. This is the most basic law of economics and civilization, which is suppressed and strategically denied by the economics "profession" worldwide, in a futile attempt to obscure the truth and defraud mankind of any possibility of freedom or survival. Definitions: Ruler: One who does not...